With our services your fitness equipment runs smoothly....day in, day out

We provide reliable, affordable services for everyone. We offer repair and preventive products to help you keep your fitness equipment running


Trust is built with knowledgeable fitness machine technicians performing competent repairs

We take your broken treadmill, noisy elliptical, no power bike, broken strength machine cable and many hundreds issues more seriously.  Our knowledgeable fitness machine technicians are honest, experienced and personable.  We pride ourselves in communication and promises kept.


Using the information you provided our knowledgeable fitness machine technicians will determine what went wrong.  Depending on your information the diagnosis may be remote or onsite.  If replacement parts are needed our knowledgeable fitness machine technicians will identify the required parts.


If the diagnosis found that replacement parts are needed our field service support team will provide you with a repair estimate.  Sometimes manufacturers will cover certain parts under warranty.  Ask us how we can help you with this.


Your technician receives the parts and confirms a schedule date to make the repair.  You, or your designated contact, are notifed when the technician is onsite to begin the repair.  You unit will be tested to confirm the repair resolved the issue.  Once complete a service summary will be emailed to you.